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The Camping Club Youth (CCY) Section is for children aged 12-17. At the age of 12 you can join the CCY, which is free, become a youth member and enjoy the activities, ranging from Skiiing, Youth Rallies and other sporting events.

Whilst in the Youth section, we will encourage you to sit your CCY Test (before your 18th Birthday) which requires you to camp 6 nights with your Youth Leader and consists of pitching your tent, First Aid, map reading, packing of kit, cooking & diet, stoves and countryside care.

On passing your youth test, you will continue to enjoy free CCY membership until your 25th Birthday. Once you have passed your CCY Test and are over 14, you will be able to attend the International FICC Rally’s abroad.

There is also a Junior Youth available, where children aged from 8-12 can begin learning the introductory elements involved with the full Youth Test.

Each Region may award a Certificate of Achievement to its most deserving CCY Member aged 12-21, with the recipient being put forward to be considered for the National CCY Certificate of Achievement. The criteria for receiving a Certificate should be based on the individual’s camping related achievements. Written nominations, of no more than 250 words, to be sent to your RYLO by beginning of February every year. First prize Regionally is a £100 worth of outdoor retail vouchers. National prize is a £300 worth of outdoor retail vouchers, with 2 runners-up prizes of £150 worth of outdoor retail vouchers.

When Youth events are organised, the Youth funds do try and help subsidise events so we do appreciate all your help with fundraising and hope you have all registered with Easy Fundraising and persuaded all your friends and family to join as well. This is a very easy way to raise money for Youth Funds. All you need to do is log onto and follow the Scottish Region Youth.

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