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The Camping and Caravanning Club

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GWSDA Coffee Morning

Whether you are a new or longer term member of The Camping and Caravanning Club we at the Glasgow DA (District association) extend a warm welcome and would love to meet you personally at one of our rallies. If you have never tried unit camping before you will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere and help offered if you need it.

We are a family orientated club and welcome children and pets, although if you like to be more private you can pitch in a quieter part of the site (something for everyone).

Most of the meets are organised on private ground and cost on average £9 per unit for a night (how’s that for value?) some other meets are on club sites which are booked in advance at a reduced rate.

When you attend these meets you are under no obligation to book, you just turn up (unless otherwise stated on the meets list - since covid there have been more requirements to book in advance), and are free to stay overnight or for the duration of the meet. There are usually social events organised for your pleasure if you would like to attend, but you are free to just do your own thing and just have a private break.

We have a youth section where the younger members aged 12 to 18 can camp in their own little patch supervised by the youth leaders, or after passing the proficiency test, can join in the many youth events including the international youth rally.

DAs are countrywide and as a member of The Camping and Caravanning Club you will be welcomed at any of the DAs rallies. So don’t be apprehensive we are a friendly bunch and it doesn’t hurt to try it at least once. Membership to a DA is free to any Club member.

GWSDA Coffee Morning

The club also run special interest sections where like minded people can meet to pursue their other interests. Most of these section meets have their own areas where we would join the British Caravanners Club (Scotland Area) but are free to meet with any other area around the country. Here is a list of links to the sections.


Association of Lightweight Campers

Boating Group

British Caravanners Club

Scotland Area

Canoe-Camping Group

Folk Dance & Song Group

Motor Caravan Section

Mountain Activity Section

Photographic Group

Trailer Tent & Folding Camper Group


So with all this on offer what are you waiting for?

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