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Glasgow and West of Scotland DA



Winter Walk on Lomond Shores

(Farmers Market)

January 15



Next Meeting

  Welcome to 2017, a whole new camping season. If you’re like us you will be feeling impatient to get the gear packed up and ready to dip our toes on the first outing of the year.

 To break the ice we have our Winter Walk at the Farmers Market on Lomond Shores (click on details). We hope to meet all our friends who can make the trip and have a good laugh and chat about our plans for the season.

 Jeannie and I really hope to make the working party at Luss this year to blow the cob webs from the caravan. This takes place on March 24th - 26th and everyone will be given a warm welcome.


 Meanwhile the meets planned for 2017 have now been posted. As it is very early yet some details may have to be adjusted, and any changes will be posted on this page. Hopefully we will get good turnouts for the early get togethers and for the AGM. Remember the DA belongs to all of us and the AGM is meant for you have a say and give your view on the affairs and running of our wee group. The more members turning up and giving their support and opinions the stronger the DA will be.


 If you are new to the club or even new to camping or caravanning this is the club for you. We love to give new members to the Glasgow DA a warm welcome into our throng of happy campers. If you would like to know more click on the "If you would like to know more" image in the slide show at the top of the page.


The contact details for the parent club are:

                           The Camping and Caravanning Club,

                                  Greenfields House,

                                  Westwood Way,


                                  CV4 8JH.

                                  Telephone: 0845 130 7632

                                  or 024 7647 5442