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Ski Weekend

Every year the Scottish Region Youth Section run a Ski Weekend that is open to any youth member and even see's quite a few of the English Youth travelling up to join us at Blackwater Hall Glenshee. This weekend usually occurs on the first weekend of February and this year it was on the weekend of the 5th - 7th of February 2016.


 Now what with it being Scotland we can't predict the weather, but with being Scottish we always have a back - up plan so this year when the snow did appear but wasn't quite enough to dust off our ski's and snowboards to go play on the slopes of Glenshee, we had booked a sports hall where we set up badminton nets, netball, football and volleyball. There was even swimming afterwards for anyone who still had some energy left.


 On arrival on the Friday there were fun get to know everybody games so if it was your first time away with the Youth Section you soon got to know every one in the rooms name. There is a fully functioning kitchen and stocked up fridge so I dare you to go hungry and each meal time every person involved in the weekend takes a turn, whether it is helping to prepare the meal, serve it or help wash up afterwards which makes for light work all round.


 Usually if there is enough snow what would happen is that you would be up early on the Saturday, have a breakfast and prepare a packed lunch for whilst you were on the slopes then head off to Glenshee for the day. Back to the Hall in the evening for dinner and some evening games (usually not too physical as everyone is a bit tired from being on the slopes all day) before an fairly early night in preparation for your early morning on Sunday to try and get a half day (if you need to head home early) or full day on the slopes before heading home.


 With or without snow, this is always a fun weekend and one worth checking out. So if you are interested, get in touch with your Youth Leader or the Region Youth Liaison Officer.